Monday, January 17, 2011

Commercial Drive Cupcake Throwdown!

On January 26th, we'll be packing our equipment, our pizazz, and 8 dozen mini cupcakes for a big ol' Vancouver cupcake throwdown like no other. Cafe Deux Soleils, a lovely little vegetarian place on Commerical Drive, has let 15 bakers come to play. The best part: proceeds will go to HAVE Culinary Training Institute, an amazing charity which supports "employment barriered" people from the downtown eastside, and helps place them in entry level jobs in restaurant kitchens around the city. Ten bucks will get you in the door, where you are seriously free to eat as many cupcakes as you can fit in your maw. You will also get a vote in the overall cupcake competition. We will bake our best little cups to the public to eat, judge, and (hopefully) enjoy. 

This is why we need your help, cupcake peeps. We need to figure out which one of our cupcakes to bring to battle. Do we take a crowd favourite, like our Caramel Savannah or Kaylee's Cupcakes? Do we stick with a classic, like our Funfettis or Rainbow Velvet? Or do we freak some people out with something a bit strange, and change our Stinky Cheese and Beer cake  into cupcakes? What do you think will win over our Vancouver crowd?

(If you're wondering when the next recipe is going to come down the pipe, don't worry. I've got a post that will be up this week. And it's a doozy.)


All That's Left Are The Crumbs said...

I vote for the Caramel Savannah. It is a little different but somehow familiar. Good luck!

Island Vittles said...

I agree about the Caramel Savannah...but maybe rename it for the day -- make it a little more topical -- How about "Divine on the Drive?" Just thinking out loud, but you know what I mean. Theresa

C&C Cakery said...

You know, Theresa, I was actually thinking of renaming it. I was playing with the name "Red Dawn". Kind of a place on the tea thing, and the old Patrick Swayze movie. I thought the Vancouver hipsters might like it . . . ironically? I love "Divine on the Drive"!

Monet said...

I don't know about the crowd...but the caramel Savannah would win me over!

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