The Manly Cupcake Contest

This year is finito - See you next year!

So you've decided to enter the roughest, toughest, testosterone-filled cupcake challenge around, eh? Well, you'll have to have all the information before you do. Here's the skinny:

The Skinny
  • One entry per person. Better make it good, bucko
  • Your entry should be inspired by a manly movie star and should reflect our general theme: Mos of the Movies
  • You'll have until the 20th of November, 11:59pm PST to enter. You must post your recipe, pictures, and story on your blog.
  • You are required to provide a link back to this page somewhere in your blog. You may use our neat little Mr. Cupcake buttons below if you'd like.
  • You are required to provide links to all the prize sponsers. You'll find the HTML code below.
  • You are required to link up your favourite men's health charity or the Movember Foundation.  Remember, this is about raising awareness and money for men's health! 
  • This is also about raising money - you are also required to link up the Challenge's Movember Charity Page somewhere in your blog. Extra bonus points if you join our team and start raising funds yourself!
  • After you've covered all this in your blog, you must send your blog link, cupcake description, and two of your favourite cupcake photos to, with the subject line filled out as "Movember Manly Cupcake". If you don't send it, we won't know about it.
  • After officially entering, please join our Movember Team and help raise funds for the Movember Charity! You can also leave a Donation
  • Because this is able raising awareness - make sure you tweet, blog, facebook, etc about Movember and our little contest. Hopefully we can reach a lot of new minds this year!
The Rules
  • All cupcakes must be entered by November 20th, 11:59pm PST
  • All photos that you post on your blog must be your own. 
  • If you use a recipe from another baker, please link back to that baker. 
  • No cake mix. You must make your cake from scratch. Only the toppings, fillings, frostings may be non-homemade.
  • After you send in your entry to, you will get a reply from me confirming that you are entered into the contest. If you do not hear back from me in three days, I didn't get your email. Try again!
The Voting
  • Voting begins on the 21st of November and ends on the 25th at 11:59pm PST.
  • On our blog's front page, the public will be able to vote for their favourite cupcake. The cupcake with the most votes will be The People's Choice.
  • During the voting week, every baker who has entered a cupcake will also vote for their favourite cupcake by sending us an email. They, of course, may not vote for their own entry! The winner of these votes will be The Baker's Choice
  • Mr. C and I will pick a third cupcake to face off with the other two. This will be C&C's Choice.
  • We will bake the People's Choice, The Baker's Choice, and C&C's Choice. A panel of judges will scrutinize each cupcake and rate it based on taste, uniqueness, and overall design. 
  • The winner will be announced on November 30th
The Prize Sponsors
Every blog entry must mention the prize sponsors somewhere in their post. Just copy and paste this HTML code right into your blog. It should look like this:

The Manly Cupcake Contest Prize Sponsor's Include:

The Buttons Please include these super cute buttons in your blog, linking back to this page!

Our Favourite Manly Charities
More to come! (If you have a special charity you'd like us to include, please email us!)
Good Luck!
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