Saturday, December 31, 2011

A (Tasty) Year In Review: 2011

2011 was memorable, I'm sure. A lot happened, anyways. I think. To be honest, after a long Christmas vacation, the last 12 months are kinda blurry to me right now. I had to set aside some time, sit down, and take a long look at the treats we've baked over the year. Some I looked back with fondness, others I shook my head for a while and thought "Why oh why did I think that was a good idea?"

Here's a run down of some of C&C's most distinctive desserts of 2011:

January - Nutella Crème Brûlée
nutellacreme (4)
Before this post, creme brulee was something utterly frightening and unattainable. Five star restaurants make it, not someone who puts bacon and sauerkraut into cupcakes. Finally, I swallowed my somewhat awkward pride and went head first into zee creme. And boy did I ever. 

February - Cthulhu Cupcakes
Things we learned while reading this post: I'm a nerd. I'm a bit insane. The dark lord Cthulhu will come and end us all.

This was one of Mr. C's favourite cupcakes ever. And for good reason too: It tasted like ice cream.

The Sex Bob-omb is a whole lot of work. I actually don't think I'd attempt a batch again. Last time I'm pretty sure I ODed on vegan pastry cream.

This post just goes to show you that I can be delicate and refined. What you don't see is I'm picking my nose. Right now.

I just wanted to repost this one so I could tell Luongo to eat a D once again. Hey, Luongo! Eat a D.

So patriotic. Brings a maple syrup flavoured tear to my eye.

Our Hogwarts Cookies were all beloved - but this was our most requested. Maybe it's because it was filled with every type of candy bar you could imagine. Or maybe it's because IT'S THE SIZE OF YOUR FACE.

I will stand by this recipe forever. This is the best brownie - vegan or no - I've ever made. The ice cream was melt-your-face-off amazing as well.

October - Bloody Beet Cupcakes
I don't think cupcakes that taste like vegetables will catch on. I hope I can convince a few of you with this recipe, though.

In which we found out that Prince Charming is sort of a loser.

Our most popular vegan treat this year - and no wonder. These things will have you "Ho Ho Hoing" until next year.

And there you have it, folks! C&C 2011 in a nut shell! Let's hope that 2012 brings more memorable treats (you know it will). Mr. C and I wish you a very champagne-filled New Years! If you have your own 2011 year in review for your own blog, make sure you link it up here -We love to read and reminisce about cookies/cupcakes of yore. 

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Vegan Gingerbread Cupcakes

I already posted a lovely gingerbread cupcake. But there's a million little cupcakes out there. In fact, there are a million little Christmas treats out there. The majority of which have quite a lot of butter and cream. When you think about it, most of what is traditionally served on Christmas is not exactly vegan/veggie friendly. You've got your turkeys and hams and lambs etc etc. Even the produce tends to have dairy and or meaty things on top. I mean, why ruin those yummy yams with a gob of marshmallows? Actually, could someone explain that one to me?

vginger (5)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mini Gingerbread Cupcakes

gingerbreadmini (5)

Everyone needs a little Christmas spirit in their lives. Even if they're not really into Christmas.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Trio of Vegan Christmas Cookies

Movember took a lot out of us - I mean, we did have to consume quite a few intense cupcakes. Taking a break was a necessity (especially for Mr. C's waistline). I thought we could take the month to relax. And detox.

Of course, I forgot that December comes after November. December means Christmas. And that means Christmas cake, pies, bars, chocolate. Oh, and cookies. So. Many. Cookies.

Picture taken by Laura of The First Mess

I'm usually pretty good at avoiding all those holiday sweets - most of them are verboten anyways, just because of all that non-vegany buttery stuff they usually contain. (Don't worry, Mr. C usually takes one for the team and eats my share as well.)

This year, however, I signed up for The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap. I love baking for others, so I thought it was nifty to send a little box of C&C goodness across the country to brighten someone else's day. Unfortunately, I forgot about the other half of this little deal - I send out boxes of cookies, yes, but that means that I'll get a whole hell of a lot of cookies back. Oh. Dear. I don't know if my poor little bloated tummy could handle such things.
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