Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hogwarts Confections: The Slytherin Cookie

I got some hate mail for my last post. Okay, hate is a strong word. Disapproving is way more apt.

HP_SlytherinCookies (12)
It seems there were a lot of Gryffindors out there who very much disliked my attitude towards their beloved house. Or, more importantly, their beloved Harry Potter. I deserved it. I used strong words. But that's because I'm a Slytherin.

I know what you're thinking right now - "How could she be a Slytherin? She makes such delicious cupcakes. They can't be evil cupcakes, can they?" Well, let me tell you, Slytherin is not all about the evil. Sure there is a big bad bubble of that stuff hemorrhaging out the side of it, but you've got to look at the total picture:

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hogwarts Confections: The Gryffindor Cookie

Okay. I'm just going to say it outright. Just so there's no misunderstanding.

I'm not a fan of Gryffindor.

HP_GryffindorCookie (10)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hogwarts Confections: The Ravenclaw Cookie

You know that Mr. C and I are gigantic nerds. Dungeon and Dragons nerds. Joss Whedon nerds. The list goes on and on. The one fandom I'm surprised I haven't touched upon here is Harry Potter. We both, of course, grew up with the books. I have a love/hate relationship with Ms. Rowling - I loved her first four books. I hated that she killed off my favourite characters. Did it really have to be Sirius, Lupin, and Fred? Seriously, JK, you should have just totally manned up and killed off Harry. The little snotrag totally had it coming.

Mr. C is still devoted. He's actually re-reading the entire series before we go see the final film. He's excited. Me? I know I'm just going to end up bawling my eyes out. I had to hide the final book in the freezer while reading it, but I can't do that to a movie. How am I going to get through it, you ask? Cookies. Lots and lots of cookies.

HP_ravenclawcookies (12)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mini Banana Cupcakes with PB and Chocolate Icing


I love being a teacher. No matter how overwhelmed I get with my students (or how frustrated my students get with me), it doesn't matter at the end of the day. When 3:15 rolls around, we go our separate ways. I cool off, have some time for myself  (time that doesn't involve ten year-olds), and enjoy life. When 8:10 am rolls around, I feel refreshed and ready to deal with all the problems that an intermediate classroom can throw at me. I love my students dearly, but I don't think I could deal with them twenty-four/seven.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Butter Tart Canada Day Cupcakes

Canada has some pretty sophisticated cuisine. Yes, there's poutine and flapjacks (with plenty of maple syrup). But we're so much more than that. We've got . . . um . . . salted cod? Caribou stew? Flipper pie?

Okay. So we're not winning any James Beard awards with our cheese curds and pemmican. But we still can win a fight with our regional sweets. I'm sure, by now, you've heard of Nanaimo Bars? Of course you have - Cakespy has been preaching from the good book of Nanaimo for years now. Last Canada Day, we even introduced you to a cupcake version of the godly bar. Now, this Canada Day, it's time to introduce you to another famous Canuck sweet.

ButterTart_RT (4)
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