Thursday, February 26, 2009

Darth Vader Cake

Doesn't look like much, does it? This is by no means a finished product -- what we have here is the skeleton of our Darth Vader Cake. Correction, our purple Darth Vader Cake. Why purple? That's what the birthday boy wanted. Also, that much black fondant would possibly have the party guests pooing green for a week. Ick.

This cake was not my recipe -- the girlfriend of the birthday boy requested that we use her grandmother's white cake recipe. It was lovely tasting, but man was it ever thick and heavy. And it took quite a while to assemble and mix, as well. I don't know if I'd ever use that recipe again - the reward is not big enough to make up for the work.

Here's Vader almost complete -- rolling out the dark purple fondant became quite the chore. I believe the batch I used was a little dry -- good thing I've perfected the recipe.

Finally, here's the complete cake -- as well as the happy birthday boy, who loves acting like a big Star Wars Geek. I think it came out lovely for such a heavy cake. I'd love to try out this one again one day.

Our Flikr Account

Want to see all of our work? I've started up a Flikr and uploaded most of our treats. Go ahead and have a look around.

This blog will still be updated with stories and pictures of each cake, don't you worry. Stay tuned for more badass bakedgoods!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cow Cake

Cakes are made to be eaten. Aren't they? I'll tell you what, this little guy was really hard to cut open. Maybe it was his cute little licorice eyes.

This was a one of our smaller cakes - just two round 8" slabs that were shaped and covered in a really thin white fondant (which was, as always, homemade). This was the first time C&C worked with a cream cheese butter-cream icing - which was used on the spots, bell collar, nose, and underneath the fondant. The icing was just as beloved as the cow.

I love it when cakes come out with a bit of personality. Yes, it makes them harder to eat, but it also shows how much care goes into the process. This little guy was certainly adored by the birthday girl (I guess it's a Calgary thing?). The adoration only lasted so long, though. Like everything else we make, the cow had to be sacrified to the cake gods.

Poor Cow.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Guitar Cake

Once upon a time, I decided to make a cake. A chocolate cake wasn't enough for me. No, not for dear sweet Courtney. I had to make a cake shaped like a guitar. With flames.

This was our first fondant cake here at C&C - Oh dear, what a horrible horrible adventure that was. Because I had seen Martha do it, I really pushed the fact that I wanted to make my own fondant. The recipe itself might seem easy - but I swear I'm still picking pink blobs out of my hair.

As you can see, C&C's first fondant cake came out just fine. It was a hit at the engineering function it was presented at (I've never seen a guitar get consumed that quickly). And, luckily, we have since perfected the art of homemade fondant. I'm looking forward to trying my hand at another guitar. Perhaps this time it won't be so sticky.

And now, a bonus view of our Guitar Cake - (White Snake. Get it?)
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