Friday, October 28, 2011

Movember is coming . . .

I've got a lot of emails, tweets, carrier pigeons, etc asking us about our plans next month - more specifically, our plans for Movember. Last year, we hosted a pretty sweet contest. This year, it will be Even. Bigger.

Details will be coming up on November 1st. For now, keep an eye on our twitter and facebook for some more clues. If you really want to start to get down and dirty, you can even join our Movember Team or just simply start the donations going.

Until then, all I will leave you with this year's new mascot. It may give you a hint to the new 2011 Movember Manly Cupcake Contest theme. What do you think?

Mr. Cupcake was lovingly created by élise steven illustration

1 comment:

TinaRBK said...

Whoa-I got stuck in all these links for awhile. Pretty neat charity program, what a creative way to raise money for a good cause. I look forward to seeing more about this.

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