Monday, October 31, 2011

The 2011 Movember Manly Cupcake Contest

Last year, around this time, something magical started. It involved frosting and whiskers. And it was glorious.

This year, we hope to keep the tradition of Movember alive and kicking. Prostate Cancer occurs in every 1 in 6 men in Canada, but it receives less than half the research funds that are available to Breast Cancer. The pink ribbons and reminders about mammograms and pap smears are everywhere, but when's the last time you've seen a parade encouraging men to get tested for testicular cancer? Let's face it: Men are men. They have a hard time talking about their assholes and balls in public. It's time to do something about it.

The Movember foundation, started in 2003, encourages men of all shapes and sizes (as well as their female counterparts) to grow the most manly mustache they can muster. Through this act, men and their supporters will ban together to raise money and awareness for all types of male health problems. Hopefully, in years to come, prostate and testicular cancer will be talked about freely, and funding for these men health issues will start to really flow.

C&C Cakery want to continue to show their support by hosting . . .

Finally, we can spread awareness along with our frosting! Last year, we let you have free reign on your creations - any manly recipe would do. This year, however, we're going to make the contest a bit more for a challenge. This year, your entry should be inspired by Mos in the Movies. That's right, your cupcake recipe and/or decoration should reflect a manly movie star - especially one with whiskers on their face. Here's a couple lists to help you get your juices flowing. Please visit our main challenge page for full rules and regulations.

Here's the 'deets:
From now until November 20th, bake up some amazingly unique cupcakes that have a real manly movie star attitude. This could be reflected in the recipe, the taste, or the decorations. Really, this part is open to your interpretation, so be as creative as you want to be!

When you have the perfect recipe, post it on your blog with lots of lovely pictures. We encourage you to also include your favourite men's health charity in your blog - remember, this contest is about raising awareness and money for charity! Send your blog link, name, cupcake discription, and two of your favourite pictures to us at in order to be officially entered into the contest. You should also join our Movember Charity Team and start collecting donations! Make sure that you have all the requirements on your blog post (including the sponser's list!) - double check on our main contest page!

On November 21st, we will post the final manly cupcake round-up here. The public will be able to vote for their favourite cupcake until the 25th. Each person who has entered a cupcake will also get vote for their favourite entry. On the weekend, we will be baking up The People's Choice, The Bakers' Choice, as well as C&C's Choice. These three cupcake finalists will be judged by our panel of cupcake connoisseurs, who will look at taste, uniqueness, as well as the decor featured in the original pictures presented to us. The winner will be announced on November 30th.

Now, what's in it for me, you ask. I'm getting there. This year, we've got some amazing prices lined up for you! This includes:

You know how you sometimes make a wicked cupcake, but you don't have the time (nor do you want to put in the effort), to decorate it? That's where cupcake toppers come in. They're something pretty and sweet, just like the little cakes that pop out of your oven. Kristkrop Memories will be donating one dozen super amazing cupcake toppers that will totally make you look good.


You've probably seen her art hanging around the internet, but, if you take a bit and really study Lisa Orgler's work, you'll come out of the experience hungry. You can actually purchase her sweet little illustrations on her etsy page. Lucky for you, she will be donating a set of Cupcake Cards to the winner.


I've got two words for you: Carrot Jockey. Now I've got a bunch of more words for you: Jen from Cake Wrecks is donating not only a signed copy of her book, but also some neato pins. Fortunately, she is not donating one of those really creepy baby cakes. Those freak me out. 


We use vanilla in absolutely everything that comes out of our oven. And I'm pretty sure you do too. But are you still stuck using that artificial extract? Kind of icky. Luckily, the Vanilla Food Company is here to deliver real vanilla beans to the world. For the winner, they are donating a pound of Madagascar vanilla beans. The two runners up receive a quarter pound. I expect to see a lot of vanilla-ness come out of the finalists kitchens.


The super posh Bella Cupcake Couture will, once again, be donating a pack of beautiful wrappers to each finalist, as well as an extra pack to the winner. This may include their brand new cameo wrapper - tres manly, girls! Love it! You can see more cupcake couture at their blog!


The madly talented Drama Llama Knit Company will be creating a beautiful woven bag for the winner. If you check out Alison's esty store or blog, you'll be absolutely flabbergasted over what this little lady creates in her small home. Believe me, her works are to. die. for.


When I came across Freaky Fleece on etsy, I was flabbergasted. I don't know if I've ever seen plush floppy disks before, but now I really really need one. In fact, the more I look through Freaky Fleece's shop, the more stuffed items I require. This hugely talented fleece artist is donating a mustached draw string bag - perfect for your nic-nacks items (or your D&D dice!).


The artist behind petitePastries creates the littlest handmade food you've ever seen. And, even better, they're usually turned into the sweetest earrings and charms you've ever seen. For this challenge, petitePastries is creating something extra sweet and tiny for the winner. I'm seriously jealous.


Once again, Vancouver-based Miss Kitty Creations will be donating a Movember special addition Tuxedo Cupcake Charm. Each one of Wendie's Charms are hand crafted and feature a lovely sweet sent. I wonder what Movember smells like? Probably a little bit of aftershave. And beer.


If you follow us on twitter, you know that - usually at least once a month - we make a grand pilgrimage to our very favourite cake supply store. Scoop-n-Save is that store. When you walk into this palace of sweets, you are seriously overwhelmed with the epicness of it all. Cookie cutters, cupcake liners, chocolate molds, cake pans - you think of it, and they've got it. These amazing little cakers are donating a little surprise gift pack for each one of the winners - full of so much joy and sprinkles, you'll think it's Christmas.


Jay of Whodini Handmade went into business just to make you look cool. And, believe me, he does a killer job of it. This artist's vinyl wallets are unique, and really goddamn cool. Whodini Handmade will be donating a mustached wallet to the lucky winner. If you pick up a lot of hot dates afterwards, you know who to thank.


I'm seriously jealous of our finalists already. So what are you waiting for - check out our official rules page and get to baking!

Please take some time to visit the Movember main page and learn more about what we can do to promote men's health and cancer research! 


Monet said...

I'm so excited! I didn't participate last year, but I'm all over it now! I'm going to get baking this weekend. Thanks again for hosting this!

Anonymous said...

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