Monday, September 21, 2009

Yeti Cupcakes

I created these guys in almost 30 degree heat. Could you guess what was on my mind at the time?

I love it when cupcakes are inspired by candy. I found the little penguins after wandering around the grocery store, trying desperately to avoid the head wave going on outside. I had no idea what they tasted like - I just new I had to make Yeti cupcakes out of them. (Turns out they taste like those peachie fruit chew rings. Huh, who knew?)

Yeti cupcakes are one of my favourites just because the I can refine the process each time I make them. The cake is vanilla and marshmallow, with a 7 minute frosting on top. Oh yeah, and coconut. Lots of coconut. The result is something that resembles a snow ball and that tastes like a light, fluffy, vanilla/coconut cloud. Mmmm. After my last cake disaster (aka, the dreaded d20 cake), this was a nice refined change.

Frosty and Frosted

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