Sunday, March 18, 2012

Guest Post: Croissants

Leanne is an awesome lady from my hood. Seriously, I'm pretty sure she lives just up the road from me. We met on one occasion - she was selling sweets at the local baker's market and I was stuffing my face. That's usually how I roll, though. We bought the best whoopie pie I've ever had from this lady - it was soft and creamy and I had to sit down and take a time out afterwards. Man oh man.

So thank you Leanne for your lighthearted take on baking. We should totally hang out, VanCity style.


I've been lied to my entire life about how difficult croissants are, about how they never turn out right and are too time consuming and finicky.

But know what I learned this week?

They aren't. Really!

It's true! I made the most delicious, flaky, soft croissants on my very first try, with no mishaps. The secret? This awesome video by Nancy Brown. I won't bother transcribing the recipe, because the secret is all in her laid-back technique.

Stop believing the croissant myth and give them a try!


gunu kumar said...

A very well-written post. I read and liked the post and have also bookmarked you. All the best for future endeavors
IT Company India

Leanne said...

Definitely some vancity hangouts when you get back! I hope you're finding some vegan treasures in Paris!

Thanks for letting me fill in for a day :)

Unknown said...

Croissants are one of my favorite breakfast treats!! I know my lazy butt will probably never make them from scratch but I will enjoy this video!! lol..Jackie

Unknown said...

I am reading your blog because I found Nancy's video, --COOL VIDEO--but could never find the website for a recipe,.... did you?

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