Monday, May 30, 2011

Tri-Cities Baker's Market

People always ask me what I do to get my body rockin' hard and ready for summer. Okay, they really don't ask me that. But, if they did, I would tell them three things:


Lift weights.

Eat sweets.

It's as easy as that. Do those three things, and I guarantee you'll be rocking that gold Snookie bikini on Kits Beach in no time (results not actually guaranteed. Duh). For the running, I'd recommend C25K. For the lifting, I'd recommend Cross Fit. For the sweets, I'd recommend the Tri-Cities Baker's Market.

If you've never been to a baker's market, you're truly missing out on one of those rare opportunities to stuff your face full of a variety of from-scratch treats that are baked with nothing but love (and a bit of sugar). The one that is popping up in Coquitlam is a real gem - it is chock-a-block full of amazing bakers who only want to make your tummy happy. My posse and I got the opportunity to visit the first market of the year on Saturday. You've got to see what we smuggled out:

SummerBakersMarket_1 (11)

This is only one of the amazing variety of cupcakes by Something Sweet For You. Each one of their cupcakes are decorated with love and seriously cute little toppers. When we got there (after taking a wrong turn and somehow ending up in Surrey), most of their treats were gone. I was lucky to grab a Cookies and Cream Walrus, which is was too cute for words.

SummerBakersMarket_1 (13)

Macaroons from French Made Baking. Their stuff makes me weak in the knees - they even had some Canuck spirit on their platter that day.

SummerBakersMarket_1 (16)

Hearth & Larder not only had Pineapple Jam, but Dandelion Jelly that tasted like the best honey ever conceived by bees.

SummerBakersMarket_1 (18)
The brains behind this whole operation is Kimberley's Kitchen, who is sweeter than her homemade marshmallows. And that's saying a lot. Though I'm not a marshmallow type of girl, I had to sneak a nibble of her strawberry treat. Not only is it amazing, but I could also see the little pieces of berry inside. You gotta try one. 

SummerBakersMarket_1 (4)

Little bits of love from Em's Gems. She had little pound cake bundts in tiny little boxes as well - tiny things are the best.


Speaking of tiny, these were the samples of sugar cookie that the iBakery was giving out. Isn't that the most ingenious thing ever? Her sugar cookies definitely rank up in my top five of all time - not only are they beautiful, but taste isn't sacrificed. At all. In fact, she could probably pipe pictures of poop on those things, and I'd still try and eat a dozen. So. Good.

SummerBakersMarket_1 (10)

Here's all our bounty, minutes before it was demolished. Poor little walrus never had a chance.

If you're interested in visiting the Baker's Market - and I totally know you are now - take a jog over to the Evergreen Cultural Centre, June 4, July 9 & 23, and August 6. They'll be open from 10am till 2pm. There's free parking and, best of all, free samples!

Oh, and of course, we'll be there July 9th and August 6 with our pies on sticks, vegan cupcake push pops, and so many bad ass baked goods, your face will melt as soon as you step into the room.

Hope to see you there!


Monet said...

Just adorable! I want that bird nest cupcake so badly! Thank you for sharing with me today! I hope you had a lovely holiday. Have a week full of good food, laughter and love!

Catherine said...

I don't know how you could eat that poor walrus, looking back at ya with his big eyes like that??? Well, I've tasted SSFY's cupcakes too so I kind of have an idea why but still... he's too cute to be eaten :)

Lorraine said...

I wish I had a market like this near me. It sounds wonderful. Amazing treat. Great get-in-shape info too, especially the part about eating sweets. I am good at that one:)

Sexy Escort girls said...

I hope there will be more of this type of publication.

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