Friday, April 22, 2011

C&C does Yaletown

We are still running on adrenaline. For those of you who were at Bake for the Quake on Wednesday night,  you know exactly how we feel. That night, over 650 piled into Yaletown Roundhouse, creating a line up that was at least a half an hour long. Meanwhile, the bakers inside were going full tilt, constantly serving up tons of yummy confections so that they may please the masses. And please the masses they did.

It was all a rush, really. I'm pretty sure I blacked out halfway through. The line of people at our table was never-ending. Mr. C and I were dancing around constantly, trying to stuff cookies, cupcakes, and pie into everyone's faces tupperware. In the end, our table was able to raise just under $300 for Doctors without borders. Pretty neat, huh?

There were a downside to the constant busyness: We didn't get to leave our table at all. Which meant we couldn't taste anyone else's goods, nor could we take pictures. Luckily for us (and for you!), the amazing Tomasz Wagner was there to capture the greatness.

Please note: these are not our photos! They are taken by Tomasz Wagner! We are picking a few of our favourites to share with you - you can find the whole roll on Tomasz's site.

This is the manly hand of Mr. C, showcasing our Vegan Cupcake Kebab - Lime & Coconut, Chili Chocolate, and Ube with Mexican Vanilla. Aw yeah.

Sweet little (and gianormous!) macaroons from French Made Baking.

Yes, those are little sumo cookies. And,  yes, they taste like tiramisu. From Kawaii Eats.

Canucks Cupcakes, from the amazing Candice of Baked in Vancouver.

Perfect little flowerpot cupcakes - I believe they are by Sweet Tease, who did some amazingly cute cupcakes that night.

I'm not sure who created these beauties (please let me know!), but I drooled every time someone walked by with one. 

Bake For the Quake organizer, Melody of Gourmet Fury and Bif Naked. Bad. Ass. 

Thank you everyone who came to visit (I love it when our readers come to say hello! I gave away a lot of free cookies that way). We'll see you at the next big time Vancouver baking event!


Leanne said...

I was SO sad to not be able to at least attend this event. Glad you were there and had a great experience!

Love Your Cake said...

BIf bought a canucks cupcake from me!! AHH!! And she signed our "Thanks for coming by Tweeps" list!!!
I love these photos, serioulsy that guy has some skills. So sad we didnt get to meet, but maybe we will at the next one!! Or maybe just for drinks because after that fiasco - I need them to just keep flowing :) Thanks for the mention!! Love the post! Tiramisumos=fav!

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