Monday, February 21, 2011

Cthulhupalooza II: Son of Cthulhupalooza

You may have figured it out by now, but we're real big nerds. While you guys are out at the park, having a jolly old picnic with your families, we're huddled in a basement, playing D&D while consuming superhuman amounts of Cheetos and Mountain Dew. That's just how we roll. We love hanging out with other nerds, chatting about the latest Deadpool comic or the new World of Warcraft expansion. Lucky enough for us, there's a group that organizes geeky get together in Vancouver.

They're named Second Level Wizards. And they're totally our heroes.

Last Friday, we were able to bake for one of their amazing events, Cthulhupalooza II. Yes, this was the inspiration for our latest terrifying creation. Our cupcakes were along side some amazingly nerdy baked goods that I just had to share with you:

cthulhupalooza (15)

Tentacle Treats - seriously the cutest Cthulhu-shaped gingerbread I've ever seen.

cthulhupalooza (10)

"They Eat Their Young" Godlings Meat Pie - Mr. C told me these were the best ancient ones he's eaten.

cthulhupalooza (7)
These Flying Polyp Drops don't seem too dangerous. At first . . .

cthulhupalooza (18)
A very reddish picture of tentacled alien cake pops straight from the cover of Astounding. These were so dang cute - especially because they looked you in the eye while you take bites out of their head.

cthulhupalooza (19)
The grand prize winner of the night - the Necronomicake. And rightly so.

So, if you have any nerdy events going on - or just if you'd like to create your own geekfest - think of us. We will come up with some wicked baked goods for you to fawn over. And, don't worry, we'll totally fawn over it too.


Monet said...

Smile. Bring on the nerdy treats! Especially since I know they taste, oh, so good! Thank you for sharing your words and these snapshots. And thank you for your kind thoughts on my own blog. I appreciate the nerdiness...bring it on!

Lina Thomlinson said...

It's nice that us nerds are occasionally able to get out of the house and socialize with other nerds. Glad you found such a fun event to draw you out of that basement! Thanks for sharing the photos because I know I'll never get to go anywhere that cool so I have to live vicariously. Love it!

Toren Atkinson said...

Thanks so much guys for your hard work, you made Cthulhupalooza a radioactive-glowing success!


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