Friday, December 31, 2010

2010's Favourite Cupcakes

As I run through my ignored Google Reader messages (all two-hundred and fifty three of them), I have noticed a great number of yearly retrospectives that have sprouted up on my favourite blogs. Boy, there have sure been a lot of yummy things this year. And, boy, have I bookmarked a lot of yummy things. Our own blog has been home to it's own sweet recipes. I actually took a look back at them, much like one would look through an old yearbook:

Oooh, remember those cookies? I wonder if they've found jobs yet? 

What about that cake - prom queen one year, ugly the next. 

Mmmm, I wonder if that muffin is still single?

Okay, I have to admit, I don't really anthropomorphize my baked goods like that (in fact, if I do, make sure you start sending emails to my doctor). But it is good to take time to look back at those old, sugar- and butter-filled chums and remember the good, the bad, and the ugly. On this last day of 2010, I'll spare you the bad and ugly part. Who wants to think about failed baked goods when there are so many wonderful ones in our past?

So, without further ado, here are the top five C&C cupcake recipes of 2010:

BluePomCupcakes (18)
The Blue Pom-Pom
Blueberry and pomegranate? Yes please. Blueberry and pomegranate, topped with an amazingly decedent ricotta frosting? Oh hells yes. 

tiger (11)
Tiger Tiger
If you've never experienced this flavour combo before, you probably turned up your nose at our black licorice cupcakes with marshmallowy creamsicle frosting. But, seriously, give these guys a chance. They've got quite the bite to them.

snowymocha (13)
The Snowy Mocha
Some people don't like coffee. Some people don't like white chocolate. We won them all over with these soft and silky morsels.

Kaylee's Cupcake (6)
Super shiny! Matcha cupcakes with a strawberry buttercream frosting and strawberry preserves filling - perfect for the browncoat in all of us. 

funfetti (15)
Homemade Funfetti
Finally - you don't have to go running to the boxed cake mix to get your fix. These little beauties are, dare I say it, better than your childhood birthday cake. And everything is made from scratch. What could be better? (The answer: Nothing).

Welp, there you have it, kiddies. That's a lot of cupcakes. A lot of very very good cupcakes. We really can't wait to make more for you next year!

Speaking of next year, I've got a few resolutions for you: 
  1. Sneak as many veggies as I can into my baked goods. (Inspired by the Vegetable Desserts book I mentioned before.)
  2. Vegan-up (Thanks to the Vegan Scoop and Vegan Cupcakes Takes Over The World)
  3. Explore the World (Maybe not with a plane ticket, but definitely with a World of Cake)
Is there something you're looking forward to tasting in the new year? Is there an old favourite you want us to revisit? Drop us an email, leave us a comment, and we'll be happy to place your request at the top of our list.

Mr. C and I hope your last night of 2010 is full of treats, drinks, and a sweet make out session underneath fireworks. 


Unknown said...

Happy New Year to you and Mr. C!!
Requests: Oh yeah!! My own personal baker LOLOL..I love cupcakes with sweet potatoes, bananas, guavas, coconut..In other words cakes with fruits and veggies..Zucchini anyone? Have a great year to you both.

Kori said...

Such a fun post. I love how your cupcakes are so unique with flavor ideas I've never heard of or thought of. So fun! And great idea to add more fruits and veggies... I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Happy New Year!

Evan @swEEts said...

Oooh your cupcakes look so good! My friend just asked me to make cupcakes for her wedding and wants "unique flavors" I think I'm going to have to steel some of your flavor combos, if you don't mind of course :)

Debbie said...

I love the funfetti cupcakes, they are perfect for a birthday coming up! Looking forward to seeing how you integrate more veggies...I struggle with that so much!

Stephanie said...

All of those cupcakes are making me drool! Love your resolutions for this year. I'm way behind and need to write a post about goals for the year. Thanks for the inspiration - I'll go do that now! Happy New Year!

Monet said...

They all look amazing, but I think the homemade funfetti won my heart. Nostalgia does it every time! I hope you had a lovely weekend. Please have a happy and joyous week!

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