Monday, February 23, 2009

Guitar Cake

Once upon a time, I decided to make a cake. A chocolate cake wasn't enough for me. No, not for dear sweet Courtney. I had to make a cake shaped like a guitar. With flames.

This was our first fondant cake here at C&C - Oh dear, what a horrible horrible adventure that was. Because I had seen Martha do it, I really pushed the fact that I wanted to make my own fondant. The recipe itself might seem easy - but I swear I'm still picking pink blobs out of my hair.

As you can see, C&C's first fondant cake came out just fine. It was a hit at the engineering function it was presented at (I've never seen a guitar get consumed that quickly). And, luckily, we have since perfected the art of homemade fondant. I'm looking forward to trying my hand at another guitar. Perhaps this time it won't be so sticky.

And now, a bonus view of our Guitar Cake - (White Snake. Get it?)

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