Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cupcake Hero: June - Blueberry Roundup!

We had a couple lovely (and healthy! Gasp!) muffin recipes for you this Wednesday. Unfortunately, something went wrong in our test kitchen. Something went horribly horribly wrong.

It involved Swiss Buttercream. And it was not pretty.

photographic recreation

Anyway, both me and Mr.C got out alive (even if we were covered in frosting) and free to work another day - we've got a big order coming out for Thursday, and must once again venture into the test kitchen to finish what we had started. Hopefully with better results this time.

But, onto some better news - Remember those lovely Blue Pom-Poms we made oh-so long ago? Welp, Cupcake Hero: June has come to a close and voting has begun.

Check out Kitchen Koala's front page for the Blueberry Cupcake Roundup (there's some amazing entries this month) and the poll on the right hand side! Remember to vote!

Good luck to all the fantastic bakers! We'll see you again in Cupcake Hero: July!

And to our readers, we'll have a double shot this Saturday - I promise you both muffin recipes (as long as we've recovered from the Vesuvius incident by then).

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