Thursday, September 10, 2009

So Many Cupcakes, So Little Time

Sometimes, while baking, I get into "The Cupcake Zone".

There's a fine like between "The Zone" and a horrible, stressful place where I just want to slap buttercream on a plain vanilla cake and call it done. The Zone occurs when I've got to make, say, six dozen cupcakes in only a handful of hours. This could very easily turned into a nightmare. Instead, I put my blinders on and dive in head first. And love it.

Here's a small look at the seven dozen cupcakes I did for a graduation barbeque. This included three of my favourite flavours: Lime in the Coconut, Black Forest, and Red Velvet (with Cream Cheese Buttercream). I love experimenting with different flavours - these three, however, are my go-to varieties.

You can keep your plain ol' vanilla. I'll take a Lime in The Coconut any day.

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