Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Surprise Heart Cake

You're pretty lucky if you have a baker on your Christmas list. You can go to any cooking store/craft store, walk down the cake isle, pick up a random assortment of sprinkles/cupcake liners/doohickies, and your baker will love them. Seriously, we can never have enough sprinkles.

Both sides of our family know that we're in the baking game, so little gifts tend to end up at our doorstep every now and again. Cookie cutters are my favourite, especially ones that my other half's mother finds in the local Sally Ann (or even in the back of her drawer). I have a special place in my heart for themed cupcake liners as well - especially if they're from Bake it Pretty.

Recently, we've been given a slew of really neat cake pans. These things tend to go for a bit more then a couple cupcake liners, but our friends and family hunt them down in second hand and big box home stores (where they're about half the price). For Christmas we received little silicone snowflake and tree pans. For Halloween, we have cute little pumpkin pans. For my birthday, I was given this beast. Finally, after Valentine's day, I was given this treat:

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May not look like much at first, but wait until you see the final result.

MikeBday (7)

This was our famous chocolate yogurt cake topped with a really rice chocolate ganache. But the top of the cake really doesn't matter, does it? Get a load of that strawberry whipped cream middle.

MikeBday (9)

It was quite a surprise to everyone when we first cut into the cake and exposed the lovely insides - which is the point of the cake (very much like our own Rainbow Cupcakes). I'd love to experiment more with the different cake/filling combinations (especially if I can get ice cream involved), but that's only if I don't get distracted by another new vanity cake pan.

So then, I have a question for you, my fellow cakers: What incredibly awesome (but extravagant) pan is on your Must-Have list?


Tannasaurus said...

I have this one: and everyone loves it. Totally easy to make, and everyone remembers it!

Sharon Stone said...

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